For the past 32 years I have been shooting professionally and while technology, media, and styles have evolved dramatically, the assignment’s remained essentially unchanged: create compelling images of a product, capturing and emphasizing its essence or “story.” Detail, minutia, subtlety… here is where my fascination settles, manipulating details often more sensed than seen. My focus is lighting… watching closely how light plays on a product and what best tells that product’s story; that “story” consisting of details that a designer has often invested countless painstaking hours creating. I find great pleasure in bringing those details to life in an image. I frequently find myself fascinated by the natural play of light and shadow both indoors and out as the day progresses and then seek to reproduce that in studio.

In the rapidly advancing world of digital capture technology, staying current is critical. I’m on my fourth state of the art capture system since going digital in 2001 and am always looking at the new advances being made. The studio’s current primary system is a 100 megapixel back capable of capturing stunning detail.

The studio, centrally located in San Francisco’s Mission district, is large and open giving us a lot of flexibility for multiple sets and large builds for room sets and prop staging. And, having this much room makes the single, small table top sets that much more creatively flexible as well.

Please, have a look at my work and reach out to us if you think we’d be a good match….


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